How to buy Bitcoin?


There are various ways to purchase Bitcoins, but note that the advantage of Bitcoin Volatility allows you to trade CFDs via AvaTrade or Plus500. Your capital may be at risk when transacting on line. Please handle you money with care, when transferring money to a seller or an exchange upon trust of not taking off your money, and that the user maintains secured system for protection against theft. You can obtain the real world identity of the operator and that resources are available. When transacting, avoid exchanging or storing large funds with third party, it is not advisable.



You can’t purchase Bitcoin directly; because it is high risk to the seller, hence there is not much seller that accepts the offer. Here are some reasons behind that: – A chargeback can always be performed by a buyer which cannot be uttered by the seller
– PayPal may realize that hacked accounts that are fraudulently used and they will perform a chargeback on it.
– PayPal doesn’t support Bitcoin and there is much competition in the Bitcoin network. Account may be banned if it has anything to do with Bitcoin and freezes the account. PayPal may be used to purchase Bitcoin through workaround but the transaction charges are high. You can purchase Second Life Lindens by using PayPal; it can be used for converting the Second Life Lindens to Bitcoins. You might be charged at around 6% for using this process. This method works because Bitcoin are nit purchased directly via PayPal, you can only purchase Second Life Lindens and exchange for Bitcoins.



The Virtual World Exchange allows virtually every card through PayPal or Skrill and gives room for people to purchase SLL after which you can now exchange for Bitcoin. Credit card is a fast method and involves large transaction charges. CoinMama makes uses Western Union to give access of buying via credit cards but not extended to US.



ou can link credit card with your account. Coinbase performs a wallet function for Bitcoin and can be used for storing Bitcoin after purchase. You can purchase Bitcoin with just a simple interface provided by Bittylicious to customers. All you need is just to fill in your Bitcoin address and email address also to determine the numbers of Bitcoin you want. Kraken gives access for customer to purchase Bitcoin with USD and EUR after depositing through wire transfer. You can convert other currency to USD or EUR to transfer. Kraken serves as an exchange while the market is determined by orders. Belgacoin gives access for customers to make purchases by using SEPA transfer. It is secured and a way faster without registration required, their service is free. Bitalo also allows you to buy directly from the individuals. If you are both sharing the same bank and are online you can collect Bitcoin in few minutes. Transacting via this means is secured and they act as an escrow.


Local Bitcoin gives sellers and buyers that are near to meet and exchange Bitcoin through various methods including cash, wire transfer, Money Bookers, Skrill including others. BitQuick allows customer connects with sellers through cash deposit or SEPA transfer. Gift Card (US) It allows individuals to purchase Bitcoin through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover gift cards. It makes use of Coinbase exchange rate when the customer processes the gift card in 24hours. You must fill in your bank account number for verification of identity.


You can buy Bitcoin with MoneyGram and its available all around the US. You can purchase Bitcoin by using Western Union or MoneyGram transfers.

Locating a direct seller online

You can make payments to any other person online that is willing to sell the Bitcoin to you and you can transfer money to him via PayPal or any other payment means. Be careful of scammers when engaging in counter dealings.


It is possible to locate someone that wants to sell Bitcoin locally; it is advised to choose a reputable individual. Installations of Bitcoin ATMs have been launched in countries like Canada, Finland, Slovakia, Australia, Germany and UK.


There is an increasing demand for Bitcoin purchasing because of government’s regulations and private companies interruptions and to stand against other currencies. Because it is possible for cameras to recognize faces at banks and the paper trail with the credit cards, it is rare to purchase Bitcoin without disclosing you personality.


These are the exchanges in which buy orders are compared to sell orders, making the market price differs. The service quotes prices which are not listed in the operating market, while the coins are bought or sold by a broker.


These are bearer tokens that process an embedded digital Bitcoin value opens. They are quite expensive if they are purchased mainly for digital Bitcoins, can be gotten easily via PayPal or credit cards.

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