What Is CryptoAmbassador?


Before talking about CryptoAmbassador and the function in the crypto community, it is important to know about cryptocurrency and crypto community as well. Without the basic building knowledge, you won’t even understand what cryptocurrency is or what the main role of the ambassador is.

Crypto Currency

A lot of people like this kind of system because it is untraceable. Unlike real money that is using the centralized system, this digital money is included in decentralized one. Once it is out, there is no way to trace it back. In case you keep the money in a kind of digital wallet, it is gone for good. In Bitcoin, for instance, once it is gone, it’s gone forever.

The Function of an Ambassador

Sure, the money is useful and discreet, but such practice leads to scam and misusage. That’s why the idea to create a certain body or organization to basically control the usage of cryptocurrency in the future. For now, most people are focusing on coins, but it is possible that other forms of currency will pop out, and such thing requires careful thinking and management.

The main role of CryptoAmbassador is to work together with the crypto community to help design, build, and market of the cryptocurrencies (including the planning out of the next stage). The ambassador won’t be working alone; they will be working with developers, marketplaces, and exchange owners, and anyone else related to cryptocurrencies. The ambassador isn’t a single entity; it is a team consisting of several people responsible for the flow of the digital currency.

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